The safe way to save pictures

UnknownI’m not a computer geek. I know what I know the hard way which is by making mistakes and completely stupid errors. The info I impart here is from personal lessons of mine and remember that there are professionals that know more about this subject than I do. They are there to expand on this. This here is a poor mans guide to avoid losing valuable data on your computers, especially photographs, and my intention is to help people and allow them to not go through what I went through.

Like many people I take a lot of pictures. I have easily accumulated over 5000 pictures of Vacations, Family, kids, Grandkids, special occasions and even a few of myself. Now, with the advent of phones and Facebook, Instagram, and so many others, the amount of pictures we take has become extraordinary. Everyone takes pictures for one reason or another, because pictures serve as a memory file for happy times, and we all like to have them around to enjoy now and to save for future generations to enjoy. It’s a custom as old as the camera itself.

These days most of us keep them on our computers. This is where things are different than before. In the old days, you would keep physical copies of pictures. As anyone has to imagine, a lifetime of physical photographs can mean a lot of boxes. There are closets, attics and basements full of boxes with photographs. We have the endless amount of Photo Albums, where thousands of pictures get faded or damaged by plastic covers and the elements. Enter the digital age and we have a solution.

Or do we?

While it is more comfortable to keep pictures on your computers hard drive, we have to remember that they are mechanical machines. Machines break. When machines break, bad things happen. In the case of the computer those bad things mean lost files. And no one wants to lose all those memories.  I made the mistake that so many make. I put all of my pictures of the last 20 or 30 years on my hard drive. I even transferred old pictures digitally to my hard drive. But is leaving all those pictures on one hard drive the wise thing to do? Here comes lesson number one.

Always have at least 2 backups.

Notice I didn’t say 1 backup. Why? Here’s an excellent example. I purchased an external drive with 320GB. I have had it for about 5 years. One day I decided I had too many pictures on my computers hard drive and so I decided I should transfer them all to my external drive. I said to myself; “Self, I’m afraid my computer will crash and I will lose all those important files especially the pictures.” Famous last words. Thinking that one external hard drive was good enough, I went ahead and deleted everything off the Computers hard drive after I transferred the pictures.  Imagine my horror when the external drive conked out 2 hours later.

Lesson number two;

External drives for the most part are ALSO mechanical.

They have a disc with an arm that moves when booted up. That’s how it reads the files. They are usually pretty good, however, anything can happen. After all it is still mechanical. So why take the risk on treasured pictures?  Just like anything else mechanical it can just break from one second to another leaving you completely wiped out of all your precious photographs. And by the way, another important lesson, if you want to be able to at least try save the info on that external drive, don’t keep booting it up to listen to the noise it makes, you’re just making the mechanical parts destroy more files. So, what to do? Lesson number three.

Get a back up drive, or several flash drives or even better a DVD.

First, lets remember something; that external drive is also mechanical, so don’t have it on all the time. Plug it in to save your files and when you’re done, make sure you unplug it, disconnect it, whatever. It’ll last longer. That said it’s a good idea to find various places to transfer your files to. Get a second external drive, use a few Flash drives, and if you have a lot of pictures? DVD’s have a high capacity AND it is NOT mechanical. Just make sure you keep those DVD’s clean and stored correctly.  Organize and label your drives and DVD’s so you can find anything you want later. Bottom line; make several copies of all your files. One drive can fail, not all of them, and not all at the same time.

Ok so let’s say you were a complete dummy and you did what I did and saved nothing anywhere, now what? Well, in comes Lesson Number Three.

If you want to recover any file you deleted from you computers hard drive, keep in mind that the more time that passes the less likely you can get those files back. The more information that gets tacked on to your hard drive and replaces those deleted files, the quicker they erase, and the less likely you can get them back after they are deleted. Which brings the question; can you actually get deleted files back? Well, yes and no. Documents are a lot easier to retrieve than images and videos. They have less info and are smaller files. Hence, when law enforcement picks up a computer in an investigation, they can still retrieve documents months and years after they were deleted. Keep in mind they have endless funds, we don’t. Also, pictures and videos are not that easy to retrieve. They are big files, and use up a lot of data. Once they are deleted they pretty much begin to decompose so to speak. There are ways to get the files back, which brings us to the next Lesson.

Be careful where you purchase so called “Un-Delete” software. Most of them are loaded with other software that loads down your system with junk, and as it was in my case some of them even rip you off and you never get the software. When you do get software that supposedly retrieves deleted files, what you get to retrieve is not much. Remember, the more time that passes the less likely you get any file that’s any good other than a documents file. I was able to get all my documents back in tact, but of the pictures I was only able to get maybe 50% of them back. That was after three days that I had deleted them from the computers hard drive.

And keep this in mind, professional services for retrieving any files of any hard drive is NOT cheap. It is very expensive. I inquired about retrieving files from the Seagate external drive that had failed from a reputable company and the quote was 900 dollars. Yes; that is a 9 with 2 zeros behind it. They recommended opening the case and hooking up the external drive directly to the computer. Not something I know how to do.

As for the deleted files I did retrieve; and this is where these so called “Un-delete” software programs fool you; Oh sure you can get all the “Files” back as they claim. But most of them are corrupted and cannot be opened. Then you have to look for yet another software that supposedly repairs the photo files. It becomes this mad cycle of downloading questionable software that endangers your computer system. Which has the potential of causing you a lot of headaches as it was in my case.

So, what to do? Well, make several copies of the same files whatever they may be on various drives of various types, label them, and keep them safe and clean and most importantly updated. Every so often transfer a few more to a couple of safe places. It’s a good idea to label them so that you don’t repeat the same files wasting space and causing confusion.

In my case I was finally able to get most of my pictures back. Some from those cheap programs I downloaded, (which I later had to get rid of because they completely made my computer a mess), and to my surprise I had several drives and another computer that I didn’t realize I had saved the same pictures to. So all in all, I was able to retrieve 95% of the pictures I had originally lost.

Do yourself a big favor; save your documents and treasured photos in more than one drive. That goes for all you professional who work in music and film. Save your material in more than one drive. It will keep you from losing all that valuable data and from losing your mind.


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Music Puppets

Music Puppets

We’re living in a musical dark age where music is not the point, it is just the toy. The toy used to make people puppets; puppets of the record company and the media. And the record companies and the media love it and shove it down everybody’s throat even if it’s junk. Because it says nothing at all but makes money. And that’s all the record companies and the media cares about.
Bullshit that makes money.
Of course society has been so dumbed-down already that even a stick on a tree and the rustles of leaves is a major hit. And unfortunately the biggest victims of today’s puppet music, are young women…
Think about it…someone sings a well constructed song about love and good things, maybe even about enjoying life and nobody bats an eye…put a naked girl on a ball and have her sing nonsense and the world goes crazy. That is the world we live in. Music has always had sex as a subject so many times since forever, but when sex and nonsense is the ONLY thing that sells the “music”…then it is a direct reflection of who we are, and the state the world is in.

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The 5 Spot

select55_3colorThe “5 spot”. What is the 5 spot? I call the 5 spot that place where you figure things out. For example, when you’re 21, you are excited to officially be “an adult”. But you really don’t figure out what that means until you’re 25.
Then later on, comes 30. That’s when most people perhaps get into a truly serious permanent long term relationship, or get a house, or maybe have kids. Serious things going on. But you don’t really know the impact of all that until you are 35.
Further on up, arrives 40. You’ve been through a lot of nonsense and bullshit, and you’re really not up for being fooled anymore so you get a little wiser. But you really don’t really know just how wise until you are, yes, 45.
Then one day in the blink of an eye you turn 50. So you think, “Hey wow, I feel pretty good for 50 man. I can still do this, that the other, the kids are grown up I can get out and do things on my own again, and maybe have some fun again. I’m still young, 50 is cool.” It doesn’t take too long to realize that isn’t exactly the case. lol. Eventually you get ear tugs from your doctor, tell tale signs from your body, and your memory starts to go to shit. That is usually around…you got it… 55. How do I know all this? Oh, I been there and then some.
In exactly one month from today September 5, I will be 55 on October 5…

The truth is that in my mind, I’m still the same Rey I have always been. Just a little more real and wiser now. But I still have kept the basic things that make Rey, “Rey.” I’ve refined them, made them better. Youth is really all in the head. How many people are 18 and do their like 55, and how many are 55 and do their life like 18? Once you stop living because you think you’re old, then you just stop living.

I don’t believe in age. I still think young thanks to music. Music is what keeps me from getting old. I don’t believe in acting my age either. Why the hell would I want to do that? I want to act like Rey. I like what I like, do what i do, regardless of how old I am, and regardless of whether or not it is supposed to be connected to my “age”. Age is a number that tells people how long you have been on this earth, not a detemining factor of what you can or can not do. YOU decide what you can do, not age. And if you take care of yourself well enough, you can still do all those things that younger people do, but with wisdom. Big difference because that means you will enjoy things more.

I do not dress, act, behave, love, like, and enjoy life like a 55 year old. My music is still loud and crazy. Many people refuse to believe I am 55 and ask for my license as proof. The biggest thing is that I do not get along with the majority of 50 year olds whether they are male or female. Why? Because the majority of them, have given up, or find no reason to maintain that zest of living. I can’t do that. Besides, when I play Ozzie or Staind they can’t take it.

I don’t do what I do because I am trying to stay young, or be young, or be cool, or hide from age, or what ever it is that people who don’t act 55 are supposedly trying to do. I do it because that is Rey. Period. Do I prefer younger women? You bet your ass. They still enjoy living. I have enjoyed a few younger ladies in both serious and non serious situations. And I don’t have any problem what so ever beyond a certain obvious logical reasonable difference. There is always exceptions to everything in life. I don’t allow myself to be contained by things that limit my life and living. (Thank you Alec Baldwin for proving my point.)

There’s only two things that really bother me and scare me. One is I probably have about 25-30 years left, and time flies. The other, is being alone. Either way, I’m not a quitter, and I try really hard not to linger too long in feeling down about things. Sometimes I fall, but I always get back up. Always. I’m a fighter. Always was, always will be. You can never, keep Rey down for too long.

In any case, Here are few cool and interesting things about the number 5.
Of course theres music:
A Perfect fifth is the most consonant harmony, and is the basis for most western tuning systems. Modern musical notation uses a musical staff made of five horizontal lines.
The number of completed, numbered piano concertos of Ludwig van Beethoven, Sergei Prokofiev, and Camille Saint-Saëns.
Using the Latin root, five musicians are called a quintet. The five notes per octave scale is the pentatonic scale. Five is the lowest possible number that can be the top number of a time signature with an asymmetric meter.
Everything else:
All major north-south Interstate Highways in the United States end in 5. Five was the lucky number for the superstitious French fashion designer Gabrielle `Coco’ Chanel. In 1921 she chose the fifth day of the fifth month to introduce her new brand of perfume which she called Chanel No. 5. The five basic tastes are sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. The universe is made up of five classical elements: water, earth, air, fire, and ether. We have five digits on each hand and foot. V, the Roman symbol for five, may originate from the image of a hand with the fingers spread. Pentagram, pentangle and pentacle are all names for a five-pointed star. There are five rings in the Olympic symbol. Basketball is played with teams of five players, and so is five-a-side football. Many things come in fives: the five senses, the five Chinese elements, and five vowels in the English alphabet. When you cut through an apple `the wrong way’ you get a five-pointed star. The wild rose has five petals. Apples and roses are part of a large family of plants called ROSACEAE which includes blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, pears, cherries, plums and peaches, all of which have five-petalled flowers. Although cultivated roses have many more petals, if you look beneath any rose, you will still find five sepals around the base of the flower. Punch is a drink that traditionally has five ingredients – spirits, water, sugar, lemon juice and spice. The name punch comes from the Hindi word for five. In radio communication, the term “Five by five” is used to indicate perfect signal strength and clarity.`Take five!’ means take five minute’s rest.
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Do you believe everything you read?

Media2So often times there are so many questionable and unverified items on fb and on the internet in general that are not real nor confirmed. These can be from all sides of any and all kinds of groups or people that make incredible and outrageous claims. These claims, stories and tidbits of false information have always existed even before the internet but now get propagated so easily because of the same.
Don’t fall for every last story and article you see on fb or elsewhere. Because that is exactly the idea. To create confusion, panic, division and fear, and in so many cases, its just a sick joke. So use your critical thinking people. Think, analyze, find out more, investigate, ask questions. Not everything you read is fact, so don’t live by it unless you can somehow confirm or at least have a good source and explanation for it. Be careful. Theres enough stress in the world already and i believe tools like fb and the internet should be used for POSITIVE things. Not for the opposite.
Oh yeah, and privacy? What privacy? The day you got your credit card, drivers license, and social security card, all that went out the window even before you got your fb profile. So that’s that. Be smart. You know what to say and do and what not to say and do. Don’t believe the stories that say we are all ignorant and unsafe. Use your head, not your impulses.
Rey Lopez

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Is Facebook evil? – Is it to blame for the ills of today’s Society?

evil-facebook-dangerI have asked many people this question. I have heard both sides of the fence. I have heard it from professionals, business people, and people in general. Most of the time people admit that it is the actions of people that cause FB to be villified. I agree. Afterall, If I take a baseball bat and use it to hurt someone, who gets arrested? The Bat? If I drive drunk who goes to jail and gets a fine? The car? If we use the telephone to harass people, do we ban the telephone?

I recently asked a person who worked for Microsoft and is on my fb friends list what his opinion was about the so-called “evils” of fb. Matthew Meadows a programmer, musician, and retired classical dancer. I asked Matthew Meadows not only because computers and programming are his career, he also displays a great way of analyzing the pluses and minuses of everyday life. He also explains himself in an easy to understand but intelligent manner that makes sense, and has reason. Perhaps it his statistician side that helps him accomplish this. Below is his answer to my question of whether or not people are correct in assuming that Facebook, the social network page, is to blame for many of the ills that occur in society today. His answer…

Thank you Rey, not just for asking an interesting question, but for your kindness in general. Not too long ago I was reading an article about reactions to a new communications device that was predicted to cause widespread social decay by virtue of the fact that it made it easier for those inclined towards drunkenness and lewd behavior to coordinate their activities. The device, for those who haven’t already guessed, was the telephone. Arguably the detractors were correct, but it’s hard to imagine a world without them today, and I think we could agree that the social benefits of the telephone far outweighs the cost. Telephones are also used to coordinate murder, theft, terrorism and every act of inhumanity you can think of, but by virtue of the fact that you can pick up a phone and call 911 alone, much less order a pizza, few people outside the Uni-bomber and his like-minded sociopathic friends will seriously contest the overall benefit. Facebook is no different. I got to know my [almost] wife through Facebook, not to mention over one thousand of my closest friends, and it’s been a huge asset to me both personally and as a musician. I’d go so far as to say it’s changed my life. But this is the same Facebook that the rioters in London used to coordinate burning down houses. The technology itself is a zero-sum game. It is the actions of the person using it and what they hold in their heart at the time of their transgressions that provides the moral polarity.

Please checkout Matthew’s Meadow’s muisc at this link:

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I was once a King (new Song)

08-12-11 UPDATE:

I originally had the ideas for the song “I was once a King” which I posted a number of days ago on my notes page in FB. This past week, I made it into a song. Musically it was very challenging to set. I wanted the emotion to come through. I think I did that well.

The lyrics saw quite a few revisions, took some extra work, and many, many takes on my 16 track. But most of all…it brought out a lot of emotion. I sang this final take with my eyes closed, reviewing each and every expression and thought as I was saying what I sang. I didn’t even look at the levels.

The final lyrics at the very end of the song were all ad lib, and done on pure adrenaline. When I was done, I just stood there and stared at my microphone wondering where that last part all came from.


These are the final revised lyrics:

I was once a King by Rey Lopez c2011

I was once a King, held the world in my hands,

I sailed upon the wind, And on mountains I would stand,

No one could ever test me no one could ever win, No one could ever get to me no one could match my strength, We think that we will always stay, But time can take it all away, That’s how life plays

I was once a King, I had a hold on love, I could do anything, I was strong I was tough

No one could ever get to my heart no one could ever win, No one could ever get to my scars no one could see where I’d been, We think that love is just a game,But time can take it all away, That’s how life plays

And I used to laugh at the way I used to live, Oh but sooner or later we all pay for the things we did, And still we try to play this game, Reality is the rule that states:

That’s how life is played

And as I walk down this path to my grave, I hold on tightly to each and every day, When time comes to take me away, The last thing the King will say is:

“That’s how life plays”…

Oh I was once a King, And I, don’t want to let go.

I was a king, Sooner or later every King, has to fall from his throne,

But I want that last drink, that last kiss, I want that last love.

Below is what I had orginally posted several days ago as an Idea:


Remember to visit to hear all my songs

Also be sure to get the Rey Lopez App for your i-Phone OR Android

at this link:


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The Final Revised Draft of my Screenplay

screenplayCheck out the screenplay I have been working on

for my Screenplay I class the last 10 weeks..

The class is the first of many classes I will take in

Media Production, where I will specialize in film.

This is my 6th and final revision.

It is the draft I will hand in for a Final Grade.

I have been told by others in my class as well as the Instructor

that it is a good piece.

The instructor also mentioned to me he wants to make it into

a short film during the next term as part of a student project.

Give it a read, let me know what you think.


P.S. By the way…

The characters names are all people I either know or have known.

The first name that popped into my head as I was writing, are the names I used.

“Don’t Speak”

Written by:

Rey Lopez

Copyright 2011


HARRY SENNO (40’s) a suspended and destitute cop sits loading his gun.

He takes a swig from a half empty Whiskey bottle and sets it on coffee table.

With his hands shaking he brings the gun up to his head and closes his eyes.


Harry’s wife JACKIE and daughter JANET call out to him as they run and play.


Harry puts gun down hangs his head and weeps.


Bartender JOE MORGAN (40’s) brings Harry a drink.


Harry, call it a night. You’ve had enough.

Harry gulps the whiskey down and doesn’t answer.

He stares at the empty glass then stumbles off the bar stool and walks out the door.


Harry arrives at his apartment building. His LANDLORD (latin mid 50s) sees him.


Hey! You owe money. You don’t pay? I throw you out Ok?

Harry ignores him and stumbles up the stairs.

He struggles to open his apartment door and starts kicking it.

NEIGHBOR (late 50s) comes out and stares at Harry.

He slams his door as Harry finally gets in.


Harry takes a gulp from a bottle of whiskey as he turns on his TV.

The late night news comes on. A FEMALE REPORTER is at a crime scene.


…tonight where we have reports of yet another homicide…

Harry sees ex-partner JACK ELDRIDGE (40’s) walking behind the

reporter as she is speaking.


…several officers are here but no one will say if….

Harry stares at pictures on the wall. Old pictures of Jack and

Harry at the police academy. Jackie and Janet in a portrait.

Then he stares at the bottle of whiskey in his hand.

He sits in a chair, runs his hand over his face and exhales.


Harry approaches a coffee shop. A waitress TIFFANY (30’s)

sees him and starts getting his daily coffee ready.

Another Waitress AMBER (late 20’s) sees her and shakes her head.


For your wonder boy cop?




The guy never even notices you, you don’t even know each others names.


So…he’s a cop, he’s preoccupied.

Amber shakes her head and walks away as Harry reaches the take out counter.

Tiffany smiles at Harry as she brings him his coffee.


Black, no cream, no sugar.

Harry starts drinking the coffee as a debate about

friendship at the inside counter gets loud. Tiffany turns back to Harry.


Sometimes friends aren’t who they say they are ya know?

Harry looks at Tiffany then continues drinking his coffee.

She puts her hand out…



Harry smiles and puts down a couple dollars takes his coffee and walks away.


Harry lays flowers at the graves of his wife and daughter. Jack comes up behind him.

Harry ignores him.


Been a long time Harry.

Harry stands up.


I have someone here too.

Jack points away to another area of the cemetery as Harry stares at him.


Jackie was a good woman.


Come over to tell me that did ya?


Don’t start Harry…


At least I finish things.


C’mon Harry, don’t…don’t do this.

Jack looks away and exhales


Still can’t catch a bad guy?


Harry this case is different than…


…Different Jack? Or you’re still keeping secrets?

You were never up front about what happened to…


Alright. You know what Harry? I’m not gonna talk shop with

a former partner  who’s suspended for being a drunk.

I heard you were havin a rough time, I figured I’d be a nice guy,

maybe give you a few words of advice, but if you wanna be a jerk forget it.

Here’s 20 bucks, go buy yourself a meal. Don’t drink it all in one place.

Harry watches Jack walk away.


(to his wife’s grave)

Something has never been right about Jack.

Harry looks down at his wife’s grave.


Its time I find out what it is.


Harry walks the street sipping whiskey from a flask. He takes out his cell phone to call Jack and realizes his service has been cut. He walks to the take out window of the coffee shop.


Can I use your phone?



Tiffany quickly puts the phone on the counter and smiles at Harry. Tiffany watches as Harry dials a number.


Hello, Jack? It’s Harry… Look…I wanted to…I just wanna…Hello? Jack? Jack! Damn!

As Harry hangs up the phone, he sees newspaper with story about murders in a rack behind the counter.


Can I read that for a bit?

Tiffany smiles and hands the newspaper to Jack.


You can have it…Harry.

Harry looks at Tiffany and smiles



Harry begins reading and walks away.


Harry goes to the murder scene and sees something reflecting from under a box.

He takes out his handkerchief and picks it up. A Cross pen.

Harry stares at it and then wraps the pen in the handkerchief

and puts it in his pocket. He turns to leave. He hears a voice.


Find anything Harry?

Harry quickly turns around.


Jumpy are we?


Jack! How did you know I was…


…Such a dangerous world Harry

Jack walks around as Harry keeps an eye on him.


It’s why we became cops, remember?


Such a noble cause, eh, Harry?


Why do you make it sound so…


…Useless? Is that the word you’re looking for Harry?


I was gonna say challenging.

Jack smiles at Harry


Investigations like this always bring…

Jack stops to light a cigarette




Part of the job.

Jack stares at Harry as he stands in the dark by an exit.


Harry. Let me do MY job…stay out of this.

Harry watches Jack as he turns and walks out.


Harry walks into homicide division and sees a few of the detectives he’s worked with.


Well look what the cat dragged in guys…


Johnnie Walker in person… You look like shit Harry.


Nice to feel the love guys. Have any of you seen Jack?


Jack? I think the whiskey has already destroyed your brain cells.

As a few of the other detectives laugh, The CAPTAIN (mid 50’s) comes out of his office.


Alright knock it off.

The captain walks over to Harry and shakes his hand.


Want some coffee Harry?


Nah I just had some, thanks.


Jack hasn’t been in homicide for a year now. I thought you knew.


I saw him on the news the other night so I thought he was…


…Jack’s been showing up in a lot of places he doesn’t belong.

It’s caught some attention.


Jack? He’s a little self centered but he’s…


…I wouldn’t go too far out on a limb for Jack, Harry…

Harry stares at the Captain


Is there something you wanna tell me Harry?

Harry looks at the other detectives staring at him.

The Captain notices and motions Harry to his office.


Lets have a talk Harry.


A truck is being loaded with Harry’s furniture. Harry runs over.


Hey!Thats my stuff!


Talk to the landlord Buddy, He’s the one who called us.

Harry runs inside and bangs on the landlords door until he opens.


What you want?


What do you mean what do I want? What are you doing takin…


…You no pay I throw you out, ok?


Alright look…we can fix this ok? Let me…

The landlord slams the door in Harry’s face.


You can’t do this! I’m a kick this door down unless you talk to me!

Landlord opens door.


You no leave I call police!

Harry throws apartment keys at him.


I am a cop you moron!

Landlord slams door again.


Harry stumbles through the pouring rain and finishes his bottle of whiskey.

He throws the bottle into the street. He walks into an alley looking for a place to sleep.

He trips over a garbage can and falls face down into a deep puddle.

His face is full of mud and garbage. He rolls over and pulls out the

20 dollar bill Jack gave him, rips it, and throws the pieces into the air.


Go to hell Jack. You worthless bastard. You were never a true friend.

Suddenly he hears a commotion at the other end of the alley.

Harry sees two people struggle. He watches as one person pulls out

a knife and kills the other. Harry tries to make out who the killer is.

The killer stands in the light and Harry sees his face.

The killer moves in Harry’s general direction. Harry struggles to get up

and stumbles as he runs out of the alley.

He trips over another garbage can.

The killer hears the noise and looks into the dark trying to see who is running away.


Harry walks up to take out window still soaked and dirty and hangs on to the counter.


Harry! Are you alright?


I’m ok, I just…had a difficult night that’s all. Um, I could really use a strong cup of coffee?

Tiffany pours some coffee into a cup.



Tiffany slowly hands Harry the phone and stares at him. Harry smiles as he begins to dial.


Hello Jack? Yeah hey listen, uhm, I know who the murderer is.

Jack?… Jack! Are you there?…

Hello?!….yeah I do Jack, look… why don’t you meet me at

Joe’s Bar tonight, and I’ll tell you where to find him. Yeah…8pm…at Joe’s Bar

Harry hangs up as Tiffany brings the coffee.

He pulls up the cup with both of his hands shaking. Tiffany stares at him.


I’m sorry about the apartment

Harry looks at Tiffany as she waves her hands and looks around.


Neighborhood gossip.

Harry looks away.


Ya know Harry, um…my brother lives just up the street,

I can talk to him and you can, you know…get cleaned up and everything…

Harry stares at Tiffany as he brings down his cup.


Anyway…I think my brother’s clothes will fit you. I can call him…If you want.

Harry smiles.


Thanks, I appreciate it.


Harry walks up to bar and calls out to Joe


Well, I’ll be damned. Look at you! All cleaned up and…


…And sober Joe. And sober.


What’s going on?


Jack paces back and forth smoking a cigarette.

He throws the cigarette down unfinished and crosses the street.


Jack sits beside Harry. Harry turns and faces Jack.


So tell me Dick Tracy, who is the famous murderer?

Harry pulls out a note pad and fumbles for a pen.

Jack reaches into his coat pocket and gives Harry a Cross pencil.


A cross pencil. Don’t these come in sets Jack?

Harry reaches into his pocket and pulls out matching pen. Jack scoffs.


Harry, I don’t have time for…


…I saw you Jack.

Jack stares at Harry for a moment and then chuckles.


You saw me what, Harry. C’mon, amuse me.


Last night. In the alley. You killed someone.

Jack turns serious and points a finger at Harry.


I tried to tell you not to get into this Harry.

That you wouldn’t like what you found. Besides, you owe me Harry.


Owe you? For what?


Harry…What do you think happened to the person who killed

Jackie and Janet, Hm? What do you think happened to all those

murderers of the past two years, huh?

Harry’s stares at Jack.


What are you say…


…Oh come on Harry! Our justice system is a joke.

People commit crimes and they just walk. They prowl the streets.

My streets Harry. So I brought them all to justice.

None of them will ever kill again. I make sure of that.

That piece of dirt you saw me with last night?

He has a rap sheet that goes on forever. But he’s on the street.

That’s not justice Harry.

Jack points at himself.


I carry out justice Harry.


You’re out of your mind.


Am I Harry? Just think of your beautiful wife and your precious princess Harry.

I avenged them for you while you drowned yourself in self pity and alcohol.

It’s justice. It’s what you wanted.


My God Jack. I thought no one could be worse off than I was.


This can be our secret Harry. You and me. Partners just like the old times.

Harry stares at Jack as the Captain of the Homicide division and

another detective walk into the bar. Jack sees them and then turns to Harry.


Don’t do this Harry. Just tell em you made a mistake. Tell em…

that you were drinking, that you were confused.

Harry stands up and faces Jack and stretches out his hand


Your gun and your badge Jack. You’re under arrest for murder.

The Captain and Detective approach Jack.

Jack looks at them and then stares at Harry as he reaches

slowly and hands over his gun and badge. Harry handcuffs Jack.

The Captain then begins to walk Jack out.


You got nothing, Harry! Nothing you hear me!

It’s your word against mine Harry!

Jack looks at the Captain and detective.


You’re gonna believe him? He’s a drunk. A washed up cop.

You got nothing Harry!


Hey Jack!

Jack turns and sees Harry reveal that he’s wired.

Harry and Jack stare at each other as Jack is escorted out of the bar.


Alright Harry is back! Everybody gets a free round! How about you Harry.

What do ya want, on the house.

Harry is still staring at the door when Tiffany walks in.

Harry and Tiffany smile at each other as Harry raises two fingers.


Two Perrier’s with a twist Joe.

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